Warm Up This Winter With Cosy Carpets And Rugs

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Hybrid Flooring: Durability, Waterproofing, and Style.

Living room with white couches.

Discover the secrets to DIY carpet installation with Carpets On The Move’s comprehensive guide. From measuring and choosing the right carpet to laying it down flawlessly, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

The step-by-step process for carpet installation.

Carpet installation.

Embark on DIY carpet installation with confidence using our step-by-step guide. Gather necessary tools like a hammer, utility knife, and measuring tape. Follow instructions on preparing the floor, laying smooth edge, padding, and carpet for a seamless finish.

Our Top Flooring Options For Pets.

Cats on carpet.

Wondering what the top flooring options for pet owners are? Choosing durable materials like vinyl plank flooring for scratch resistance, or stain-resistant options like Eco+ Triexta Carpet, can be a good choice. Learn more about your flooring options with Carpets On The Move.

What flooring is best for a busy home?

Dog on carpet.

For a busy home bustling with activity, durability is key when it comes to flooring. Vinyl plank flooring stands out as the top choice, offering scratch-proof, fade-resistant, and waterproof properties, perfect for heavy foot traffic. Hardwood floors, while aesthetically pleasing, are prone to scratching and wear compared to vinyl plank flooring. Carpets On The Move can help you decide.

Flooring trends for 2023.

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Discover the flooring trends set to dominate this year. Vinyl plank flooring leads the pack with its durability and waterproof features. Read on to find out more flooring trends.

How a third La Niña is going to impact your floors.

Water spilled on floor.

Prepare for the impacts of La Niña on your floors. With increased moisture and humidity, hardwood floors may warp, while carpets can develop mold. Opt for waterproof vinyl plank flooring and ensure proper ventilation to mitigate damage.

How often should you replace your carpet?

Coffee spilled on carpet.

Wondering how often you should replace your carpet? With proper maintenance, residential carpets can last up to 10 years, while commercial ones can endure for up to 15 years. Signs it’s time for a change include matting, staining, and age-related damage. Learn more about caring for your carpet to prolong its lifespan.

The Latest Flooring Trends & Six of Our Favourites

Living room flooring options.

Discover the latest flooring trends for 2020! From creative patterns to beachy designs, we explore six favorites including vinyl plank flooring. Enhance your space effortlessly with our expert installations on the Gold Coast.

How is Vinyl Flooring Made?

Vinyl floor installation.

Learn how vinyl flooring is crafted! From combining materials to intricate printing, we delve into three key steps that create convincing flooring alternatives. Discover more about vinyl flooring on the Gold Coast today.

What are the most Waterproof Flooring Options?

Water on living room floor.

Looking for waterproof flooring in humid areas of your home? Consider vinyl, carpet, ceramic tiles, engineered hardwood, or laminate options. Read on to learn about flooring durability and style for different moisture levels.

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