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Chase Away Winter’s Chill: Transform Your Space with Carpets on the Move

Although most of us dread the onset of winter, it is actually the best time to replace your carpet or kick off a new flooring project. In this month’s blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons winter is to get carpet under your feet and Carpets on the Move have a range of wholesale and discount carpet options available to help you get started.

Cosy comfort

Let’s face it, when the weather is cold outside, we all crave comforting interiors that will help keep us cosy and provide a contrast to the harsh outdoor elements. Carpet is a very good thermal insulator, as the fibres in the material trap heat, keeping rooms warmer for longer and stopping heat escaping through the floor. They are much better insulators than hardwood or laminate floors because carpet has a low density, so requires only a small amount of energy to warm up. This means that even if the temperature in the room is low, the carpet will still feel warm to the touch. It’s also good to remember that the thicker the carpet, the greater the degree of thermal insulation and given uninsulated floors account for between 10-20% of heat loss, the insulation properties of carpet will significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Enhanced availability

There are a range of benefits to carpet replacement or installing new carpet during winter, in particular the off-season discounts you can take advantage of, as well as the increased availability of installers due to fewer scheduling conflicts. Laying carpet in winter also improves the overall installation process – optimal temperatures and low humidity levels result in a smooth, adhesive application and proper carpet setting. Favourable conditions also minimise the risk of potential issues such as mould growth, fibre damage and adhesive failure. Furthermore, given it’s winter, it means you can enjoy the benefits of your new, warm and cosy flooring.

Prepare for spring

There’s nothing like a spring clean right? So, why not start a little earlier this year and get your new carpets laid in time for the warmer months. Carpet is such a versatile floor covering and if you’re looking for a cost-effective flooring solution, then perhaps carpet tiles might be for you. They’re cheap to install, and if only one area of carpet needs to be replaced, you can simply buy one new tile rather than replacing the whole floor. Carpets on the Move have an extensive range of both residential and commercial tiles, so start making spring flooring plans and get in touch with us today.

Opportunity for new indoor projects

Given the shorter days we experience during winter, we all end up spending more time indoors, so why not bring a little colour to your living or commercial space to boost your mood? Brightly coloured carpet tiles are fabulous for inspiring productivity and happiness in the workplace or in the home during the colder seasons. In general, carpet is making a comeback in a big and very stylish way- some trends are timelessly elegant, others a little more outlandish, but any kind of carpet idea will create that special, cosy and warming under-foot feeling on the floor in your home. Your flooring space is a canvas for creativity and innovation, and the experienced team at Carpets on the Move pride themselves on creating a new space for you or your business, offering competitive pricing to bring your interior dreams to life.

Want to know more?

Beat the winter blues with Carpets on the Move this season and seize the opportunity to create the home of your dreams this winter! For a free quote and measure, or to check out our mobile showroom, reach out to one of our professional team today.

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