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How does hybrid flooring stack up against the rest

Hybrid flooring blends vinyl's durability with hardwood's natural beauty. With a rigid core and enhanced water resistance, it outperforms luxury vinyl, laminate, and tile. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and high-traffic areas, it's versatile and easy to maintain. Read on to learn more.

Carpets on the Move are all about hybrid flooring, which combines the durability of vinyl, with the natural beauty of hardwood. Typically, it features a rigid core and a wear layer, making it highly resistant to scratches and water damage, compared to other types of flooring. Providing the perfect balance between the benefits of vinyl and the authentic aesthetics of hardwood, hybrid flooring is the ideal option to transform various spaces around your home and this month, we’re going to look at how it compares to other types of flooring.

Hybrid vs Luxury Vinyl

In terms of composition, hybrid flooring combines the best features of vinyl and laminate flooring. Similar to luxury vinyl, it has a rigid core, but also has an added layer, which provides additional water resistance and durability. Thicker than traditional luxury vinyl, hybrid flooring has enhanced acoustic properties and also feels more solid underfoot. Finally, hybrid flooring often provides a more realistic wood or stone appearance, compared to some vinyl flooring options.

Hybrid vs Hardwood

Compared to hardwood flooring, hybrid flooring is more water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for areas with potential water exposure. Additionally, hybrid flooring is easier to maintain, as it doesn’t require refinishing or special treatments to uphold its appearance. Finally, hybrid flooring is generally more affordable than hardwood, which is an added boon these days.

Hybrid vs Laminate

Hybrid flooring consists of multiple layers, typically including a rigid core layer, a vinyl layer with a decorative design, and a wear layer. Laminate flooring also has multiple layers, but usually consists of a fibreboard core, with a high-resolution image of wood or stone on top, covered by a protective layer. Given the make-up of hybrid flooring, it is more durable and resistant to dents and scratches, due to its core layer. Although both hybrid and laminate-style floors are available in DIY-friendly click-lock systems, given hybrid’s water resistant properties, it is definitely the preferred choice for certain areas of the house.

Hybrid vs Tile

Unlike cooler tiles, hybrid flooring offers better comfort and warmth underfoot and generally requires less maintenance and grout cleaning than tiles. Another advantage is that hybrid floors are usually faster and easier to install compared to tiles, especially if it uses a click lock system.

What areas of the house are perfectly suited to Hybrid?

Hybrid flooring’s unique combination of water-resistance, durability and realistic appearance makes it a versatile flooring option that can be used in various rooms of the house. Given its’ water and scratch resistant properties, areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, which are prone to both high traffic and water spills, are perfectly suited to hybrid flooring. Additionally, hallways, office spaces and living rooms, which all receive a lot of foot traffic, are perfect areas to lay hybrid flooring, as not only will it look great for longer, but it will also feel great underfoot.

However, like all flooring, there are some areas of the house where carpet could be more suitable. For example, carpet in the bedrooms may be a better fit for a cosier feel underfoot, or to reduce noise, carpet could be the preferred option on stairs. More often than not however, hybrid floors will be the perfect solution to all your interior flooring needs.

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