Replacing your flooring can be a daunting task.  It can involve large expense, inconveniences, and possibly you could end up with a floor that you do not even like!  Fortunately, CarpetsOnTheMove is here to make sure that this is never the case for Palm Beach residents.  They are a local company dedicated to providing high quality products, quickly and professionally installed, at a low cost for all of their customers.  CarpetsOnTheMove is a family-run company working in their own neighbourhood.

The first way that they make the re-flooring process easier than ever before is by providing at-home service directly from the beginning.  Available 6 days per week, CarpetsOnTheMove has a mobile showroom that will come straight to your Palm Beach door.  There are a number of benefits to having the company meet you on-site.  This includes the time-saving factor, since you do not need to travel to the showroom, as well as the opportunity to consider your options directly where they will be installed.  This helps you choose with the confidence that your new flooring will match your existing décor.  The knowledgeable team will provide you or your business with an introduction to the company’s range of products, which includes everything from wall to wall carpeting to vinyl plank flooring, natural timber flooring to laminate.

CarpetsOnTheMove works with the biggest names in flooring, ensuring Palm Beach residents that they will be receiving quality made products.  In addition, they proudly guarantee that all of their installations will be done professionally and to a high standard of excellence.

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