Carpets On The Move specialise in providing commercial carpets at industry leading prices, plus we bring you the samples you want to see.
If it’s carpet, carpet tiles, or vinyl you’re after, we can help you organise the installation with minimal disruption to make it as stress-free as possible.

Cheap Versus Cheap & Nasty!

Are you here looking for vinyl planks for your home, office, or commercial property? Vinyl planks are a great alternative to carpet, but not all vinyl planks are created equal.

The market has been inundated with cheap and nasty vinyl, selling at ridiculously low prices, and of course, we're all looking for a bargain. But is a bargain really a bargain if it's low quality or has been incorrectly laid and begins to show signs of wear and tear after only a few months?

At Carpets On The Move, we pride ourselves on low prices, but these are not through the purchase of low quality, inferior grade products. We deal directly with the manufacturer in large volumes to get the best price possible, and we pass those savings onto you.

But beyond low prices, our true expertise comes in correct installation techniques followed by the manufacturers’ installation requirements. This is absolutely vital to achieving a beautiful floor with long-lasting results that you will be happy with and won't become a problem in the future. These are common problems with poorly laid vinyl planks, and planks that are made cheaply.

Meet Adrian, co-owner of Carpets OnThe Move. He is highly skilled in the craft of laying carpets and vinyl planks; he is also an installer and makes sure every job he does is executed with the utmost care and professionalism. Adrian is astonished at the jobs he has seen when vinyl planks have been installed incorrectly or no floor preparation has been done, which usually comes at a high cost to the owner.

We live and breathe carpets and vinyl planks, so please let Adrian educate you on our products. Call us today for an obligation free quote, or just to chat about why our low prices offer you the best service, with guaranteed results.

Vinyl planks offer you everything you want from your vinyl flooring : durability, comfort, style, easy maintenance and cleaning, easy to repair or replace, high warranty levels, noise reduction, and are soft and warm underfoot.

Vinyl planks have taken over from the old-style vinyl on a roll that most people think of when talking about vinyl flooring on the gold coast. Planks now have natural qualities that replicate the look of all species of wood, as well as concrete, marble, slate, and stone.

We can help you bring your floors to life in your individual style and colour scheme in all areas of your home or workplace. You can see and feel the quality of our vinyl planks, with embossed finishings for a non-slip floor.

With an endless range or colours and styles, you’re sure to find one that you fall in love with.


Carpets On The Move offer an extensive range of vinyl planks in Tweeds Heads and on the Gold Coast.
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