Good financial management always requires finding objects and services that provide good value for money.  This is true whether you are managing a household budget or one for a multi-million dollar company; either way, smart spending is always the key to success.  For Tomewin smart spenders looking for quality products and excellent service from a local flooring specialist, the answer is always CarpetsOnTheMove.  This local company is dedicated to bringing their customers the very best quality and latest designs from top flooring companies such as Norman Ellison, Feltex, Karndean and Armstrong at affordable prices and with superb installation and service.

CarpetsOnTheMove is able to offer not only a wide range of quality products, but they are also proud to provide the knowledgeable design professionals that can help Tomewin customers understand the options available and provide valuable advice about which materials and colours best suit each potential flooring space.  This trifecta of sales, service and product are quickly making CarpetsOnTheMove one of Tomewin’s favourite businesses.  From free at-home consultation services to expert and professional installers, the company is able to provide everything their customers could wish for.  In addition, the company’s dedication to providing competitive pricing helps them to truly be a value for money service.

The company works hard to keep its overhead costs down in order to pass the savings on to the customer, and saving money is always appreciated by smart spenders!  All it takes is a quick phone call to discover what special offers CarpetsOnTheMove has for its Tomewin customers today, and to book a FREE at home consultation.

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