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The Latest Flooring Trends & Six of Our Favourites

Discover the latest flooring trends for 2020! From creative patterns to beachy designs, we explore six favorites including vinyl plank flooring. Enhance your space effortlessly with our expert installations on the Gold Coast.

What are the Latest Flooring Trends? We Share Six of Our Favourites

When was the last time you switched up the floors in your home? If it’s not recent, then it’s likely that a revamp has crossed your mind a couple of times. But where do you even begin? Choosing new flooring is far more complicated than, say, buying a pair of denim jeans. Once you do it, you’re kind of stuck with the decision for at least some years to come. In this blog, we discuss our favourite flooring trends going into 2020, including vinyl plank flooring and other flooring options on the Gold Coast.

Flooring Trend #1: Creative Patterns & Layouts Bring Some Spunk In

Gone are the days of the same old vertical or horizontal flooring installation. People are getting more expressive with tile and block patterns, with trends such as chessboard designs and diagonal tiles leading the pack.

Flooring Trend #2: Beachy, Bleached Design that Brightens Up the Room

Traditionally, wooden flooring looks have had a dark and heavy finish. However, sandy-looking vinyl floors are gaining traction. They reflect light well and create the illusion of space, so they’re great for smaller rooms.

Flooring Trend #3: Texture, Texture, Texture – A Feel that Enhances the Look

Not only is there a focus on how the flooring looks, but the way it feels matters too. Vinyl flooring with wooden, stone, or concrete texture add depth, which adds to the “realness” of it all. This trend is the difference between a cheap-looking knock-off and going the whole way.

Flooring Trend #4: Build Up a Bold Floor Using Big Blocks

Large tile or planks are a great way to make a bold statement with your flooring. When installed well, this type of flooring really brings out the artistry that goes into making tiles.

Flooring Trend #5: Easy Maintenance Waterproof Flooring Materials

No matter if you live alone or share your home with others, liquid spillage is inevitable. Mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t cost you money. Waterproof flooring ensures that your floor stays in top condition with a quick wipe – saving you both time and money.

Flooring Trend #6: Vinyl Plank Flooring that Looks More Like the Real Thing

You’ll never get closer to the real thing than this, plus vinyl plank flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

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