Because it is the most convenient way to buy carpet without stepping outside of your home or office !!!It is also cost effective as most mobile carpet showrooms cut down on their overall costs (such as high expenses when running a shop, staff ect) which mean this can reflect in the price of the carpet/flooring, so opting for a mobile carpet showroom means you will also save money.

It is a stress free environment which you control whilst choosing carpet in the convenience of your own home or work place! How much better can carpet shopping get? You can match the colours of the carpet sample to the colour scheme you have put together at home or office (walls, tiles, furnishings etc..).

You will find in some rooms light changes the colour of the carpet so it is a good idea to check in each room with the carpet sample before deciding. You may even want to go for different colours even a different carpet in each room so to create a different atmosphere depending on what you use the room for. For example; baby blue carpet in the nursery, cream carpet with a hint of yellow in the reading room.

They also see your home and can advise you what carpet would better suit your needs as you may have animals, children, high traffic areas, areas that need special requirements/instruction or stairs. Not forgetting edges and trims! There are special ways of finishing edges off as some edges can get complicated which a lot of people forget about and this can compliment or let the overall look down. The list goes on, so it is great to have an expert there to advise you and answer any questions you may have to make the best decision when choosing carpet. They are specialist in their field and can advise you on your requirements so the best person to get to do the job.

The estimators go through everything very thoroughly with you giving you all the information you need so to make it easier for you to make your decision on the right flooring. Depending on what you want to go for or may be you have not quite decided if it’s going to be carpets, vinyl’s, timber, laminates or even marine carpet (in-door out-door carpet) They will also tell you about the different kinds of underlay they can supply, whether it be foam or rubber. Also the convenience of not having to trapes around shop after shop, which can also take a few visits, as you never quite remember what you have chosen by the time you have arrived back home.

At the end of the day more and more business’s are becoming mobile which is the way forward, we are all very busy people, so why not make the most of it, and get them to do the work and come to you! When you are next ready to change your carpet try a mobile company out and see what you think.

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