Your Simple Guide to Carpet Tiles.

There are many flooring options available in the market for consumers to choose, but modular carpet tiles seem to be one of the most popular. Their popularity in expanding in leaps and bounds thanks to their ease of installation, design flexibility, and durability. However, it should be noted that not all carpet tiles are equally created. Therefore, it is important that you have look at the vital traits of different of carpets tiles and perhaps how they affect the longevity and design of your carpet so you can pick the best option for your flooring needs.

1). Design Flexibility

One of the undisputed claims of carpet tiles is the design flexibility. These pieces of carpets can be laid in unique arrangements to come up with an appealing pattern. Besides that, the carpet tile construction or dye process enables the creation of stunning patterns and designs. These days, you can employ a digital dye infusion process -a technology of adding color onto ready-made carpet tiles- to create remarkable patterns. Because of the greatest design flexibility, each tile can be made to match each other, repeat, or be unique.

2). Carpet Tile Backing

For any flooring to last longer, they must be installed with a backing (this is the section of the carpet, for instance, that you will rarely see). Similarly, tile carpets do have their backing designed to enhance their durability. While there are many backing options for carpet tiles in the market, three of them are highly recommended.

These are:

Closed cell cushion
Open cell cushion
Hardback backing

3). Carpet Tile Shapes

Originally, modular carpet tiles were available in only one shape -square. However, with continued innovation, more shapes have since seen the light of the day. Rectangular planks are now gaining popularity than the square counterparts. The shape of a carpet tile plays a critical role in choosing the patterns for the entire tile layout. With square carpets, you can rotate or off-set tiles to create a mix-up look or bring out that rick’ pattern. On the other hand, rectangular planks give more options including the herringbone pattern, brick layout, and basket-weave pattern. Installation patterns and tile layouts add a design flair to your flooring.

4). Carpet Tile Installation

Another factor to consider when choosing carpet tiles is the mode of installation. There are many unique installation options for carpet tiles.

Three of them are the most common, and it includes the following:

Adhesive dots, tape, or tabs -this is a labor-intensive method where tiles are stick down using small adhesive amounts.

Adhesive -this is simply gluing down the tiles on the floor

Adhesive-free installation -tile backed with high-friction coating can be installed down on the floor without the use of adhesive, thus saving money and time on installation.


When it comes to picking new carpet tiles for your floor, the most essential things to consider are typically your project priorities and needs. If you are working on a tight budget, then the top priority is durability. Otherwise, if you have the muscle to replace carpets quite often, then the flexibility of sectional carpet tiles can offer you different designs and patterns for unlimited creativity.

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