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Our Top Flooring Options For Pets.

Wondering what the top flooring options for pet owners are? Choosing durable materials like vinyl plank flooring for scratch resistance, or stain-resistant options like Eco+ Triexta Carpet, can be a good choice. Learn more about your flooring options with Carpets On The Move.

Australian’s have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, with over 70% of households now owning a pet. In 2020 alone, 1 in 5 families adopted a new cat or dog for companionship and while we love them, new pets bring new challenges, especially when it comes to your flooring. If you’re considering upgrading to a pet friendly flooring option, here are our top suggestions:

What you should be looking for


Our four-legged friends increase the foot traffic in the home, accelerating the wear and tear of our floors. The constant pitter patter of claws on any surface will begin eroding the top layer of your flooring. Puppies and cats are notorious for scratching and chewing, to mitigate damage and reduce temptation be sure that any existing frayed edges or gaps are repaired and ensure new flooring options are correctly installed. To keep your floors in good shape try opting for scratch resistant and highly durable materials over carpet and hardwood.

Stain and Odour Resistant

Most pets are much like tiny toddlers, covered in hair, which means they possess the unique ability to create enormous amounts of mess out of thin air. New pups and kittens will inevitability need to go through house training, leaving urine stains in the process. If your pet has access to the outdoors, this provides regular opportunities for them to track in unwanted dirt and moisture. Exploring durable, stain and odour resistant flooring options will keep your house fresh and in pristine condition for longer.

Easy to Clean

Pet hair and muddy paws can all spell disaster for our floors, this is why choosing easy to clean flooring options is key to maintaining a spotless home. Many modern flooring options come pre-treated with stain guards and hard top layers, resistant to scratching and staining. Natural fibres such as wool carpet and real wooden floors will always be the most susceptible to staining and are more difficult to clean. But if you have your heart set on the look, we recommend professional cleaning once every 12-18 months. If you’re in the Northern Rivers and South East Queensland we recommend our friends, The Carpet Ninja and Pest Control.

Our top recommendation

Vinyl Plank Flooring (VPF)

Vinyl plank flooring is our number one recommendation for any pet owners. VPF is designed to very closely resemble the look and feel hardwood floors but even with an extensive range of stains and finishes to suit any style, VPF is far more durable and cost effective than timber.

VPF is created by densely compressing multiple layers of hardy PVC, including an important scratch resistant top layer that can withstand claws and puppy teeth better than anything else on the market. As the name suggests, VPF comes in long planks with a tongue and groove connection system that easily click into place, meaning it is entirely possible to install them yourself and to replace singular planks if they are damaged. VPF is a stylish, easy to clean and waterproof option for your entire home.

Eco + Triexta Carpet

Typically pets and carpet do not mix but Eco + understand that sometimes the heart wants what it wants. If you’re set on carpet in your home, the Triexta carpet range is our suggestion. Eco+ have created cut pile twist carpet that is treated with a permanent built-in stain resistant so not only is buttery soft and durable for your pets to play and relax on all day, but light spills and accidents are easily cleaned with just water. If you’re looking to protect your existing floors, we stock a large range of carpet off-cuts that are a great cost-saving alternative to normal rugs and with over 20 neutral and colour options will look just as great!

Visit our showroom or get a quote today to see your pet-friendly flooring options at COTM, or our mobile showroom can come to you!

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