Do you have a big remodeling project underway?  No matter if it is re-carpeting the whole house or putting in new flooring in your business showroom, CarpetsOnTheMove can provide the sales, service and support you need to get the job done quickly, expertly, and at an affordable price.  With experience in both commercial and residential flooring projects, and jobs of every size, there is nothing that Tugun residents can throw at the company that they have not seen before.

CarpetsOnTheMove have a full range of all of the most popular flooring solutions.  They carry wall to wall carpeting as well as carpet tiles, and a number of different flooring materials, including timber, laminate and vinyl.  A quick call to 1 300 781 537 can arrange for a CarpetsOnTheMove design specialist to meet you right at your home or office with their mobile showroom.  This mobile service both saves you time and money.  You save time since you do not have to travel to the showroom, and you save money because it helps keep the business’s overhead costs down, resulting in savings that it happily passes on to its customers.

In addition, the on-site service gives you the fortunate opportunity to consider all of your flooring options exactly where you are planning on installing them.  This helps you to be a more confident buyer, sure that what you choose will match your existing design scheme perfectly.  In addition to convenient sales and service of a quality product, CarpetsOnTheMove always offers guaranteed professional installation for Tugun, so call today to get started!

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