Are you thinking about putting down a new carpet or re-flooring your home or business?  Whether you are thinking about just tackling one room, or you are considering remodeling the entire office or showroom, you face a number of challenging questions.  One of the first, and most important, is ‘how much is it going to cost’?  As we are all working under a budget, being realistic about what you can afford to pay is important.  Of course, even a low-cost choice can still end up looking great, it is just a matter of balancing the demands of your budget with the demands of functionality for the new flooring.

No matter what flooring you are going with, you probably will need some professional help.  There are a huge number of large and small companies out there, all claiming to be the perfect fit for you, but how can you decide who to go with?  One of the myths of working with large flooring companies is that they will be able to provide a better selection and price for your new flooring, while small companies are well-documented to offer higher rates of customer satisfaction.  Fortunately for Cabarita Beach residents, it is no longer a matter of choosing between selection and price versus satisfaction, thanks to CarpetsOnTheMove.  This local company offers an incredible range of flooring and carpet solutions, all at competitive prices and with guaranteed professional installation.

Call 1 300 781 537 today to arrange for your FREE at home mobile showroom consultation, measure and quote and begin discovering for yourself the difference that working with a local, family-run company  can make!

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